Laps Around Lymphoma

A message from the DPM Team and Presenting Sponsor of Laps Around Lymphoma:

We were extremely proud of the opportunity to sponsor the inaugural virtual walk for Lymphoma. DPM has actively been involved with Lymphoma Canada for years and in the midst of a pandemic, it brought our staff great joy to be able to have some control in all of the uncertainty and champion such a great cause.

We loved seeing our staff come together and cheer one another on in the challenge, go for lunch time walks, find creative ways to get their steps in and support each other in our team’s Lymphoma specific chat. Coming together to work towards a common goal of raising awareness and physically completing the challenge brought our staff together virtually as we have adjusted our workplace to allow people to work from home.

This challenge is a message for life; no matter the circumstances thrown at you, all you can control is your response and the DPM team always chooses to rise to the occasion and work together for a greater good.

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