Check out some of the exciting ways commemorated World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2011:

On September 14th,2011, Lymphoma Canada, Daniel Stolfi of Cancer Can’t Dance Like This, along with world renowned PMH lymphoma specialist Dr. Michael Crump were all featured on CTV News in a special segment honouring World Lymphoma Awareness Day. You can see the video here.

Our very own Executive Director Sue Robson was a guest on the first International Radio/Internet Forum on September 12th. Along with Sue, Dr. Joseph Connors and other guests from across the globe shared valuable information about lymphoma. You won’t want to miss this broadcast! You can listen to the full program here.

As well, we are excited to announce that we have launched a new Facebook Application. When you log into our Facebook Page, you will see 4 new tabs along the left side with information about lymphoma and signs and symptoms. You will also find a 5th tab which will allow you to take the Know Your Nodes quiz, so let us know how you do! And don’t forget to LIKE our page!

On World Lymphoma Awareness Day, the National Post included a Blood Cancer Supplement with a forward and other contributions from LC! If you missed picking up your copy of the National Post, you can still view the supplement here.

LC has re-launched our Know Your Nodes Microsite. Be sure to visit it to see the new colour scheme and most up to date lymphoma information.

We are extremely proud to be involved in so many initiatives that will help spread awareness about diagnosis, treatment, and the need to support advocacy efforts at all levels.

Lymphoma in Canada

Lymphoma is the fifth most common cancer in Canada and one of the fastest rising incidence rates worldwide. In 2011, an estimated 8,600 Canadians will be diagnosed with lymphoma and in 2011, 3,310 succumbed to the disease. Lymphoma affects men, women and children and incidence is on the rise in young adults and children. It is a type of blood cancer that develops when an error occurs in the production of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell found in the lymph nodes, and results in abnormal cells that become cancerous.

What is World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD)?

WLAD is held on September 15 every year and is a day dedicated to raising awareness of lymphoma. Launched in 2004 and now an established date in the health calendar, WLAD provides a focus for doctors, nurses, patient support groups, patients and their families to join forces in a united campaign to inform the public about lymphoma, its signs and symptoms and how it affects lives of thousands of people around the world.

WLAD is a global initiative hosted by the Lymphoma Coalition, a non-profit network organization of patient groups from around the world. It currently has 49 member groups from 36 countries. For further information visit

The Lymphoma Coalition has launched a new mobile app for Blackberry, Android AND iPhone!  Make sure you download this free app, Lymphoma 101, so that you can support the Lymphoma Coalition to raise awareness for funding and research!  When you download the app, you will also have the opportunity to take part in a petition to local governments to fund lymphoma research!  For more information, go to

Why have WLAD?

Despite the fact that one million people worldwide live with lymphoma and nearly 1,000 people are diagnosed with this cancer every day, research shows:

  • Less than 50% of people know anything about this potentially life-threatening cancer
  • Almost three quarters (74%) of people do not know that lymphoma is a form of cancer.

Through raised awareness of lymphoma, people around the world will better recognize the signs and symptoms, which leads to earlier diagnosis.

WLAD also provides a platform for individual countries to address local issues, for example lobbying government for funding or access to the most effective treatments.

Check out this YouTube video. Do you know why nodes are important to the overall functioning of the body? Pass along the video to everyone, as we all should understand how our nodes work and be aware of the signs and symptoms of lymphoma. It’s fun, watch it!

Do you know your nodes? Take the quiz


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