#EverythingChanges for World Lymphoma Awareness Day

No one ever expects to sit in the doctor’s office and hear the word: lymphoma. But regardless of who you are, how old you are or what part of the world you live, one thing patients know is that after diagnosis, everything changes.
Yet, when the physician takes the time to explain the lymphoma subtype and the appropriate treatment options – it can make the biggest difference.

And when family or friends lend a hand to make a meal or attend an appointment – it can make the biggest difference.

That’s why for World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2017, Lymphoma Canada is joining organisations around the world in the The Small Things Make the Biggest Difference campaign. The goal of the initiative is to encourage patients, caregivers, health care professionals and the public to pay attention to the small things – because it can make the biggest difference.

When we work together to support patients, #EverythingChanges.

There are many ways to add your voice to the campaign:

• Share your Small Thing. Was there someone or something that made the biggest difference in your daily life, your patient experience or your clinic time? Write it on a sign and post a picture of it on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Remember to include #EverythingChanges and #WLAD and tag @knowyournodes.
Join the Twitter Chat. On September 15 to connect with people around the world and discuss the importance of paying attention to the small things. Use the hashtag #EverythingChanges to share your experiences with lymphoma and connect with a global community.
 To learn more about World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2017, visit www.lymphoma.ca or www.lymphomacoalition.org/wlad.



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