Educational Forum: Understanding Lymphoma Diagnosis – Results of a Rapid Diagnosis Clinic


November 24, 2020
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST


This presentation reviews the steps involved in a lymphoma diagnosis including types of tests and procedures, and provides an understanding of why the diagnosis of lymphoma can be so complex. Patients will also be given suggestions on how to prepare and manage expectations as they go through the diagnostic process. This educational presentation will further reference the results of the Lymphoma Rapid Diagnosis Clinic at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to provide information to the lymphoma community on the five-year results regarding lymphoma diagnostic data collected since this clinic opened.


Shannon Nixon, MN, NP
Shannon Nixon is a Nurse Practitioner with the Malignant Hematology Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Ontario. She leads the Lymphoma Rapid Diagnosis Clinic and is an integral member of the lymphoma care team at Princess Margaret. Shannon is dedicated to the lymphoma community and currently is a member of the Lymphoma Canada Nurse Advisory Board.


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