Young Jenna has yet again exceeded everyone’s expectations with her second annual Lemonade Stand, held this past June. In just a short amount of time Jenna has turned her personal story into an idea, her idea into actions, and her actions have now become an inspiration to Lymphoma Canada and the lymphoma community.

In 2011, Jenna came up with the idea to organize and host a lemonade stand in order to raise money for Lymphoma Canada. Jenna, her sister Jordyn, and their mom Elise set up the lemonade stand including refreshments, snacks, and even purple decorations, LC’s signature colour! The event was held in honour of Jenna and Jordyn’s father who passed away one year earlier from lymphoma. Wanting to do her part to help others with lymphoma and spread awareness of this 5th most common cancer, Jenna donated all her proceeds to LC.

Our organization was so touched by Jenna that we invited her and her family as special guests to our 2011 Golf Tournament. Jenna held an 18th hole lemonade stand for all the golfers of the day. She also spoke in an LC DVD that was shown the night of the Tournament. Jenna’s inspiring speech motivated everyone in the room to follow her lead of showing care through action and love.

This year, Jenna decided to have another lemonade stand, and she set a goal to surpass last year’s success. Jenna’s Second Annual Lemonade Stand was a two day event held June 23rd and 24th. Jenna and her community raised $5,400 in donations, including a very generous corporate donation from Fednav Limited for $2,500. Not only that, donations are still coming in! LC is simply amazed at the success of Jenna’s efforts: over 4 times the amount of money raised only one year earlier! We are so excited to continue working with Jenna in future events, following her example that even a small idea can make a big difference.

Jenna continues to be a star for LC.  She has since appeared in a second LC DVD, which was shown at our Romeo De Gasperis Tribute Gala on June 11th, 2012. She helps to spread awareness of lymphoma and the work we do at LC while sharing her own message: every little bit counts. The impact that can be made when people come together and work as a group can best be shown by Jenna, her friends, her family, and the entire community who supported the second annual Lemonade Stand. LC is honoured to know Jenna and her family and we continue to gain motivation from stories like hers!


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