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Subtype: Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL)

Robert’s Story

I have always been an avid cyclist and have participated in numerous charity rides. For ten consecutive years, I rode in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer from Montréal to Quebec City in support of (and later, in memory of) my sister, who was battling cancer.

In 2019, a move to Gatineau motivated a change of venue; I participated in the CIBC Charles-Bruneau ride in support of pediatric cancer care and research. Shortly after my first Charles-Bruneau event in July 2019, I consulted my doctor regarding lumps in my throat.

The diagnostic came quickly: Stage 2 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In the time it takes to take a PET scan, I went from fundraiser to patient. My hemato-oncologist prescribed a series of six  chemotherapy sessions and was confident that I would have a positive outcome. Nonetheless, it was a stressful period for me and my family.

The support nurse at the local cancer center held an information session for new patients just beginning their chemotherapy. The group was composed of patients with different types of cancers and -chemo protocols. Therefore, I received general information but nothing specific to my Diffuse Enlarge B-cell lymphoma and the R-CHOP chemotherapy protocol.

A Google search on lymphoma delivers 242 million results: how to find credible information relevant to me? That is where Lymphoma Canada played an important role. Through their website and patient resource manuals, I was able to learn more about the specific sub-types of lymphoma and better anticipate the sight effects of my treatment. The information I was able to able to obtain from Lymphoma Canada made my cancer journey less stressful for both me and my family. Fast forward to January 2020, when I passed a negative PET scan: no trace of my lymphoma! And I have remained cancer-free ever since then. In recognition of my successful battle against cancer and the assistance I received from Lymphoma Canada, I applied to become a member of the Board of Directors. In my volunteer work as a Director, I hope to “pay it forward” and help others achieve a successful outcome in their battle against lymphoma.

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