Meet Nadia

Subtype: Marginal Zone Lymphomas

Nadia’s Story

I was diagnosed with PMBCL in August 2021. I had chest pains after receiving my COVID vaccine, so I didn’t make anything of it. Fast forward 2 1/2 weeks later, my left arm was numb, so I went to the heart institute in Montreal. After testing, including a ct scan, I was told I had a 10x10x9.6cm mass – between my heart & lung.

I had absolutely no symptoms of Lymphoma. I was then transferred to Maissoneuve-Rosemont Hospital. My first line treatment was 6 Rchop treatments and 17 radiations, but the chemo treatment was unsuccessful. I was then going to – proceed with a stem cell transplant, so I did 3 RGDP chemo treatments but unfortunately I relapsed. My last line of treatment was 5 radiation treatments, lymphodepleting chemo & Car-t immune therapy, which put me in complete remission. All of that took me 15 months.

How has Lymphoma Canada helped me

I read a lot of articles and trying to understand lymphoma.

Advice for new patients

To make it through this ordeal you need to stay positive, it’s the key to remission. It’s a scary time, but you will need to take it one day at a time and listen to what your team tells you to do.

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