Your support means a lot; we are here to help you reach your fundraising goal!

It is important to have fun during your fundraising campaign. Sometimes asking others for donations can be difficult; keep the reason you are involved with this fundraiser top of mind. Each person registers for take it to the mat for different reasons: a family member, friend or colleague has been affected by lymphoma, they are a lymphoma survivor, and/or have been touched with cancer and want to give back. For some participants being involved in a day of yoga and wellness, while having a chance to give back, will jumpstart their fundraising campaign.

The more committed to your campaign you are, the more donors you will attract.

 1.    Customize your personal page

  • Tell your story; what inspired you to register?
  • Highlight your belief in the value of living a healthy lifestyle, being happy and making a difference.
  • Include photos or videos of yourself, add fun facts about yourself.
  • Participants with personalized pages raise 20% more than those who don’t personalize their pages.
  • Use the event logo for people to become familiar with the event
  • Use the event banner; people like images.
  • Review the sample notes we have created to assist you with your personal page. See if one fits well for you. 
  • Let people know they will receive a tax receipt for donations over $10.00.

2. Reach out to your network

  • Use the donor checklist and email a donation request to all the people you know .You never know whose life may have been affected by lymphoma or other cancers.
  • Follow up personally with as many people as possible.
  • Engage their support by asking them to forward your donation request to their friends and families.
  • Some companies offer matching gift programs for employees’ donations to charities. Ask your company if they would make a corporate donation to support your effort.

3. Include facts about lymphoma

  • Share important information about lymphoma when requesting a donation.
  • Lymphoma is the 5th most common cancer in Canada, the most common cancer in teenagers and young adults ages 15-29 and the 3rd most common cancer in kids.
  • Every 45 minutes someone is diagnosed with lymphoma. Lymphoma strikes randomly.

4. Keep in touch and be persistent

  • Everyone is busy, so if you don’t hear back right away from someone you’ve asked for a donation, make sure to follow up and provide reminders.  It can take up to three or four emails before someone makes a donation.
  • Try using the old fashion way–pick up the phone and connect live with your donors.

5. Use Social Media Tools to Create a Buzz 

  • Share your journey, provide event updates, upload photos to encourage others to support you.
Link your individual and/or team page on Facebook, LinkedIn and create a Twitter team account.  Hashtag suggestions: #takeittothemat #tittm #yoga #wellness #fundraise #lymphoma #community #giveback #fun #fitness #health #toronto #community

6. Close to your goal and stuck?

  • It’s 6 weeks before the event and you need to reach your goal; fundraising has slowed down.  Send an eBlast asking your network for $31 by the 31st of the month to help you reach your goal.
  • Have a garage or yard sale.
  • Keep it simple–have a bake sale.
  • Offer to send a picture of yourself doing something funny or crazy, when someone donates $50.
  • Get creative; ask your hairdresser, manicurist, or favourite coffee shop to donate a portion of their sales to your campaign, maybe on your birthday.
  • If you haven’t tried using social media to request donations give it a try, what can you lose?

7. The more the merrier – Create a team


There are different types of teams: family and/or friends and corporate.

Check out the Create a Team page 

8. You reached your goal, what’s next?

  • Raise your fundraising goal to the next level
  • Follow up with people who have not yet donated to your campaign
  • Make a personal donation to yourself
  • Ask friends and colleagues for ideas to raise more funds
  • Get creative; ask your hairdresser, manicurist, or favourite coffee shop to donate a portion of their sales to your campaign, maybe on your birthday.

9.   Fundraising etiquette

Send a Thank you email

  • It is important to send a thank you to all donors for their support; send a personalized thank-you note once a donation is received and provide an update on fundraising progress.
  • Do not wait. As time goes by it is easy to forget this step. Let your donor network know you appreciate their contribution.

For additional support please email