This month, Lymphoma Canada is partnering with the Lymphoma Coalition, a worldwide network of lymphoma patient groups, to promote Blood Cancer Awareness Month and World Lymphoma Awareness Day.

Did you know, more than 580,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with lymphoma every year? Or that there are more than 80 different subtypes of lymphoma? Did you know that lymphoma symptoms can sometimes be overlooked because they often appear similar to less serious illnesses like the flu?

These are just a few of the facts we want people to know, because when patients know more, they feel more confident. In fact, research has found that confidence, which stems from information and support, plays a significant role in positive healthcare experiences and outcomes for patients.

For World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2019, we are calling on you to help the Confidence Tree grow. For every fact shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WLAD2019 a leaf will sprout on the lymphoma awareness virtual tree.

You can watch the tree grow at


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