Harjeet’s Story

Patients like Harjeet spend years hoping for breakthroughs and novel treatments to improve treatment outcomes and quality of life.

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As the holiday season approaches, our hearts are filled with the spirit of celebration. It’s that special time of year when we come together to share traditions, and love with our family and friends. However, the holidays are also a reminder that while we gather around warm hearths and festive tables, there are those who may be facing challenges and hardships. It’s a time for us to reflect on the importance of supporting others, extending a helping hand, and spreading the warmth of compassion.

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One such challenge is a lymphoma cancer diagnosis.  When one stumbles upon a diagnosis as rare and complex as Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma, the journey that follows is difficult. This is the story of Harjeet, who, in May 2019, began experiencing persistent high fevers with no apparent explanation.

For Harjeet, weeks turned into months, and numerous trips to the emergency room provided no answers to the symptoms she was experiencing.  Time and time again the only recommendation was to take acetaminophen, but her condition continued to be a mystery. Harjeet underwent extensive scans, biopsies, and tests, but responses remained vague.

The turning point in Harjeet’s lymphoma journey took place after she had a final biopsy. The biopsy revealed sadly that Harjeet had stage 4, Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma, a highly rare form of cancer.

The doctors recommended Harjeet receive immediate and aggressive treatment due to the advanced stage of her cancer. She underwent her first chemotherapy session in August 2019, marking the beginning of an arduous treatment path. The type of cancer she faced was so rare that it had remained undiagnosed for months. Yet, with admirable resilience, she endured multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

“As my blood cancer was so rare and at stage 4, I couldn’t find anyone with a similar type of cancer, making it increasingly difficult. I joined Lymphoma Canada’s community to find support and connections within the Lymphoma Canada group.” – Harjeet

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This testimony highlights the crucial role Lymphoma Canada plays in connecting and empowering patients facing a demanding lymphoma journey, offering invaluable support and understanding in the face of daunting challenges.

Harjeet’s story, like so many others, explains the profound importance of cancer research. It is the heartbeat of hope for countless patients facing lymphoma. Lymphoma cancer research is integral to discovering and developing new treatments, and it is through these ongoing efforts that new approaches to diagnosing and treating lymphoma continue to emerge.
Today, Harjeet stands a survivor. It has been 4 years since her cancer diagnosis, and 3 and a half years since her stem cell transplant. She is currently NED (no evidence of disease) but continues with her follow-up appointments and tests, staying alert on her path to recovery.

Harjeet has chosen to use her challenging lymphoma journey as a driving force for advocacy. She knows that sharing her story is not easy, nonetheless she is committed to raising awareness and advocating for other cancer patients. In October 2023, she participated in Lymphoma Canada’s 7th National Patient Conference. She shared her inspiring story as a testimony of the critical role that Lymphoma Canada plays in advancing the lives of lymphoma patients and their families.


Harjeet believes that “Everyone who has suffered from cancer should advocate for their health and a better life after cancer.”


At Lymphoma Canada, we understand the invaluable role that research plays in transforming lives. Each year we identify and fund promising research studies that hold the potential to improve outcomes and enhance quality of life for lymphoma patients. It is your support that fuels this journey of discovery and hope.

Every 37 minutes, someone in Canada like Harjeet is diagnosed with lymphoma. Your gift will directly fund lymphoma research, resulting in new therapies and better quality of life for these patients.

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Together, we can lighten the path to hope and recovery for those affected by lymphoma. Your support is the spark for a future where stories marked by resilience, hope, and, ultimately, survival, like Harjeet’s story, become more common.

As we approach this festive season, we wish you and your loved ones a prosperous holiday filled with love, laughter, and the kind of warmth that can only be found in the company of those who care.

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